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The first, only and best icontest community for Idina Menzel

icontest_here celebrates 4 Years!
Thank you to lifeoftheparty2, winner of week #211 for making a celebratory special icon to mark 4 years!

Thank you to instincts, winner of Week #156 for making a celebratory special banner for 3 years!

Welcome to the one and only Idina Menzel icontest. As a starting date of December 20th, 2004, this icontest has been running for over 4 years now and is the only Idina icontest to date! We make and share Idina icons, and we are always respectful of others and Idina!

1- Number of icons allowed will be determined. I will let you know for each challenge how many you are allowed to submit.
2- Do NOT vote for your own icons.
3- No bashing other people's icons. That will get you banned from the icontest.
4- Icons must be LJ friendly (size-wise)
5- Do not steal anyone's personal icons unless they give permission. This is a place for icon challenges, not making icons and stealing them from others. Ask others permission before taking ANY icons.
6- Anonymous votes are not accepted.
7- Do NOT tell anyone which icon is yours. Voting is non-biased so do not reveal which icon is yours until the entire challenge has been completed (meaning AFTER winners have been announced for that week).

Icons will be submitted in a designated post for each weeks challenge. Those submissions will be SCREENED. This means no one in the community can see them except for me. Once the deadline is up, I will make a new post with all submissions. That post will then ask for you to vote for your top 3 favorites. Again, this will be screened. It won't be until I tally up the votes that everyone will see the top 3 winners (first place, second place, and third place) along with a Mod's choice (my personal favorite). Mod's choice will be chosen out of the remaining icons that had not won any of the banners previously mentioned. If there are ties in the aforementioned categories (meaning there are more than 3 winners), I will not choose a Mod's choice winner unless I have a particular favorite.
Voting is tallied as so:
1st Place gets 3 votes
2nd Place gets 2 votes
3rd place gets 1 vote.

And that is why you vote for your top 3 in order :)

The scheduling is not set in stone. This all depends if I can make it online at the hour, etc. But here is how it will be as of now.:
Challenge will be posted on LATE FRIDAY/EARLY SATURDAY.
Submissions will be accepted through FRIDAY nights.
Voting will take place LATE FRIDAY/EARLY SATURDAY through SUNDAY nights
Banners for previous winners will be posted throughout the week. These banners are to be uploaded to your OWN server, if you wish to keep it.
Remember, I work from EST. Keep that in mind when you are getting close to the deadline!

Header credit goes to instincts, winner of Challenge 252.
Default icon credits under user pics.
Promotional banner winner painting_lilies, Week 123:

Promotional banner winner instincts, Week 154:



#1:Week 8 winner aintnoway #2:Week 26 winner irmelin #3:Week 52 winner xxjaybabyxx #4:Week 78 winner t_i_n_u_v_i_e_l #5:Week 100 winner bubbles_girl778 #6:Week 122 winner lifeoftheparty2 #7: Week 142 winner lanafromoz #8: Week 172 winner instincts #9: Week 196 Winner lifeoftheparty2 #10: Week 222 Winner instincts #11: Week 249 Winner nataliema

Banner made by painting_lilies, winner of challenge 188.

Colorbar made by hisgirlfriday4, winner of challenge 63.

Colorbar made by instincts, winner of challenge 169.

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